Migrate Vault Accounts

In this guide, learn how to migrate your Affinidi Vault between different apps.

If you wish to use the web version of Affinidi Vault without creating a new account, follow the steps below to migrate your data.

In this example, we are migrating from the Affinidi Vault chrome extension to the Affinidi Vault web app version.

You can do the same steps to migrate to the mobile app.

Download Your Vault Data

  1. Open your Affinidi Vault account and go to the Backup and recovery page if you are using chrome extension or go to the Settings page using the Affinidi Vault web or mobile app.
Download backup
  1. Click on Download my data to download a local copy of your data or select Upload backup to Cloud (only available to web and mobile app). Enter your Vault passphrase to confirm.
Download backup

An encrypted JSON file containing your data is generated. Depending on your selected option, it will download a local copy or upload the backup to the cloud.

Restore Backup to the New Vault

  1. After backing up your data, go to the web app version of Affinidi Vault.

  2. Select the Restore from Backup option, and you can restore from a local copy or cloud, depending on where you store your backup.

If you have selected Restore from Cloud, provide the backup ID sent to your email when you selected the option to upload the backup to the cloud.

Restore from backup
  1. Enter the passphrase of your Affinidi Vault and click on Restore.
Restore from backup

After successfully restoring from the backup, you will be redirected to the Affinidi Vault dashboard. Use the web app to log in through Desktop and Mobile devices without installing other clients.