Information on the latest updates and improvements to the Affinidi Trust Network.


  • Feb. 02, 2024

    Enhanced ID Token Mapping for a Seamless Experience

    We are thrilled to share the latest enhancement we've implemented to Affinidi Login that streamlines the integration process with OpenID Providers and libraries. This enhancement also strengthens our commitment to adhere to industry standards.

    We are introducing JSONPath Expression in the ID Token Mapping of Login Configuration to define standard claims in ID Token. This enhancement gives developers more flexibility to customise the ID Token format, ensuring compatibility with a broader range of services and OIDC libraries. Check this documentation to learn more about this enhancement and customising the ID Token claim.


  • Jan. 25, 2024

    New Feature to Delete Affinidi Vault Data

    We have introduced a new Affinidi Vault feature that enables users to delete their Affinidi Vault data. This new feature will delete all the data, including the Verifiable Credentials you have collected securely stored on the user's current device. Users can find this feature on the Backup & recovery page of the Vault.

    Delete Vault Data

    new feature


  • Dec. 01, 2023

    Introducing Liveness Check on Affinidi Vault

    User profiles in Affinidi Vault now carry an additional layer of authenticity & security. Affinidi Vault can verify the user is real by doing a Liveness check. Liveness check is a technique that securely detects whether the user is a real person or a fake representation by taking a video of the user. Developers can onboard users with more trust and ensure their platforms remain bot-free.

    Liveness Check

    new feature

    Improved Login Experience in Developer Tools

    We have improved how developers log in with our Developer Tools (Affinidi Portal and Affinidi CLI) by removing the extra step of clicking the Login button to get access to Affinidi services providing a more seamless experience when using our Developer Tools.


  • Nov. 22, 2023

    Announcing general availability of Affinidi Login and Affinidi Elements

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of Affinidi Login and Affinidi Elements, marking a significant milestone in our mission to provide developers with tools to build Holistic Identities, allowing individuals to regain control over their data, identity, and personal information. On September 28th, we introduced the beta versions of Affinidi Login, Affinidi Vault, and Affinidi Elements, inviting developers to participate in our ongoing mission.

    Today, we are introducing updated versions of Affinidi Login and its associated developer tools within Affinidi Elements, including Affinidi CLI, Affinidi Portal, and Affinidi Reference Apps.

    Over the past two months, we have focused on making improvements to Affinidi Login, enhancing its stability, scalability, security, and overall developer usability. We are confident that these changes will streamline the integration process for our developers.

    As part of these updates, we have also revised the Terms & Conditions for Affinidi Services, with details communicated on November 8th, 2023. If you are interested in integrating with the latest versions of our products, you can access the Affinidi Portal to get started. Go Build!

    Please note that, as communicated on November 8th, the beta version of our services is no longer accessible. While existing integrations of Affinidi Login may continue to function until November 24th, 23:59 SGT, we recommend updating your applications promptly. Generate new credentials through the Affinidi Portal or by using the latest version of Affinidi CLI. For users currently utilising the beta version of Affinidi CLI, please update to the latest non-beta version at your earliest convenience. Thank you for you cooperation during this transition.


    Introducing the new look and feel of Profiles on Affinidi Vault

    The Affinidi Vault Profile dashboard now has a new look!

    The new profile dashboard now provides an overview to the user about the completeness of their profile and how many data points still need to be completed.

    Profile Completeness Check

    new feature

    Introducing the new Service Usage Dashboard in Affinidi Portal

    Developers can now get insights on the usage of their Projects using the Project Dashboard by clicking the project you want to view in the sidebar of the Affinidi Portal. This dashboard contains some helpful information like:

    • Number of Login Configurations created.
    • Current subscription plan, including the Affinidi Credits Balance details.
    • Next billing date if you are on a paid subscription plan.
    • Monthly Active Users - unique user count who logged in to your application where you configured the Login Configuration.
    Profile Completeness Check

    new feature

    Export and Import Affinidi Login Setup using CLI

    Developers can now export their Login Configurations and User Groups from their Project and import them to another. The new feature will help developers to migrate their settings, particularly the Presentation Definition and ID Token Mapping, into another Project (e.g. for Production readiness).

    new feature

  • Nov. 17, 2023

    Consent Management in Affinidi Vault

    Affinidi Vault introduces automatic consent, allowing end-users to share their data with particular websites automatically. The automatic consent is done through the option on the Consent page to check the Allow access automatically next time before allowing access to the Vault. The next time the user requests to log in to the website, the Vault will automatically share the requested data and proceed to the login flow.

    Together with Consent History, an enhanced consent management feature that allows end-users to view all the sites where they have given their consent, including the date/time they have provided their consent and if they have authorised automatic consent. Read more about this feature in this documentation.

    Vault History

    new feature

    Customise Presentation Definition with PEX Editor

    Portal now allows you to easily customise the Presentation Definition and ID Token Mapping when creating or updating Login Configuration using PEX Editor, enabling you to request additional data from the Vault or provide other constraints to the requested data. Read more about this feature in this documentation.

    Customise Presentation Definition

    new feature

    Improvements in Affinidi CLI

    We have made several improvements to the CLI to provide a better developer experience and consistency in parameters and responses. Affinidi CLI also added a new sample reference application using the Django framework. Install the latest Affinidi CLI by running the command:

    npm install -g @affinidi/


    Default User Group in Affinidi Login

    Affinidi Login now has a default user group per project called all_users that automatically adds users after a successful authentication to the website where you configured the Login Configuration. The default user group allows developers to see the list of users with DID information who logged in to their websites. Read more about the default user group and how to view the list in this documentation.

    new feature

  • Nov. 14, 2023

    Affinidi Login & Affinidi CLI

    We're excited to inform you about the latest enhancements to our Affinidi CLI, introducing powerful features and capabilities designed to elevate your experience. However, these updates are not just about new additions; they are crucial for ensuring the continued smooth operation of your CLI. Hence, to maintain uninterrupted access to our services and to leverage the new functionalities, it is imperative that you update your CLI to version 2.0.0-beta.11. Along with these enhancements, we have also made improvements to the Presentation Definition of the Login Configuration. We recommend updating your Presentation Definition to this new version or generating a new Login Configuration.

    important update

  • Nov. 08, 2023

    Partial End of Open Beta Phase and Start of Public Launch

    We hereby inform you that the Open Beta version of part of the Affinidi Services (Affinidi Login, Affinidi CLI, Affinidi Portal, Affindi Reference App) will come to an end on the 21st of November 2023, 11.59 pm(Singapore Time Zone - GMT+8), which means that the current version of our services can no longer be used from this point onwards. You will also no longer have access to your data in these services from this date. Please back them up in good time before termination.

    However, with effect from the 22nd of November,2023, 00.00 am (Singapore Time Zone - GMT+8), if you accept our new Terms and Conditions which will be updated and published at this time, you will be able to use our new and improved public version of the Affinidi Services, which also includes additional services and products. Please also note our updates to the Privacy Policy (also updated and published on the 22nd of November,2023 (Singapore Time Zone - GMT+8)).

    Attention: Affinidi Vault and Affinidi Desktop App will remain in the Open Beta version. Hence, there will be no changes at the moment in this respect.


  • Nov. 02, 2023

    Affinidi Login

    We are announcing an upgrade to our Affinidi Login service, aimed at enhancing the user experience and simplifying developer integration. As part of these improvements, we will be changing the OIDC issuer URLs for our IDP. To ensure uninterrupted service, we kindly request that you promptly update your applications with the new issuer URLs found when you view your Login Configuration using Affinidi Portal or Affinidi CLI.

    important update