Learn different use cases on how you can integrate Affinidi Login with Affinidi Vault.

Welcome to Affinidi Labs and explore different use cases and implementation of Affinidi Login with Affinidi Vault. This guide will explain how to set up Affinidi Login with other IdP platforms.

Stay tuned as we build more sample applications to get you up and running quickly with our products.

Integrate Affinidi Login: Across Languages and Frameworks

Learn how to integrate Affinidi Login into various programming languages and frameworks. Whether you’re working with Python, .NET, React, PHP, or other major languages, we provide step-by-step tutorials to facilitate the implementation process.

Integrate Affinidi Login: Enhance Identity and Access Management

Elevate your existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems by integrating Affinidi Login. This integration allows organisations to offer their users enhanced control over their digital identities, prioritising security and privacy.

3rd Party Plugins: Reduce Customer Onboarding Friction

Streamline your consumer onboarding process and enable passwordless login through Affinidi Login’s support for 3rd party plugins. This is designed to simplify access to your services, reducing friction for users while preserving privacy.