Holistic Identity - Consumer

Holistic Identity

Holistic Identity gives everyone a 360-degree view of themselves online and allows them to remain in complete control of their identity. Holistic Identity encompasses the full spectrum of discovering, collecting, storing, sharing and monetising your personal data in the digital realm.

Affinidi Trust Network (ATN)

Affinidi Trust Network consists of tools and services to bring the Holistic Identity vision to life. The Affinidi Trust Network integrates data from multiple authoritative sources while ensuring the data’s integrity and its chain of custody. It also enables individuals to provide consent for data sharing while verifying the identities of all parties involved in the transaction.

Affinidi Trust Network

Affinidi Login

Enables a passwordless login and a seamless onboarding experience for users. Learn more about how Affinidi Login works to integrate it on your application.

Affinidi Vault

Empowers individuals with a secure “360-degree view of oneself” to discover, collect, store, share, and monetise data. It enables individuals to control and provide consent for data sharing. Learn more about how Affinidi Vault works in this document.

Affinidi Elements

A fully managed tech stack for scalable development and secure integration of Affinidi services.

Affinidi Connectors

Provides secure integration with various types of data sources.

Affinidi Concierge

A personalised AI that manages data in accordance with user values and preferences.

Affinidi Messaging

Enables authenticity in communication between sender and receiver in the Affinidi Trust Network.

Learn more about the Building Blocks of Decentralised Identity that powers the Affinidi Trust Network.