Affinidi Login

Affinidi Login enhances security, privacy, and ensures compatibility with industry standards while simplifying authentication processes. With Affinidi Login, you can create a secure, user-friendly login experience by using OID4VP (Open ID for Verifiable Presentations).

Learn more about Affinidi Login features and key benefits, and explore our documentation to discover how you can implement Affinidi Login to provide a passwordless login experience to end-users and simplify user onboarding for your application.

How Affinidi Login Works

Learn how Affinidi Login works and its components.

Login Configuration Details

This page details the Login Configuration used to integrate Affinidi Login into your application.

Presentation Definition and ID Token Mapping

Learn more about Presentation Definition and how to modify the query to provide a better experience to the users.

ID Token and Standard Claims

Learn more about ID Token and how you can customise the ID Token using the Standard Claims format.

Affinidi Login Button Styleguide

This document provides the recommended way of displaying the Affinidi Login button on your website or application.

User Groups Details

Learn how to leverage user groups to provide specific authorisation to your users into your application.