Guides and examples to bring Affinidi Vault, Affinidi Login, and our latest development tools to your project.


Explore how Holistic Identity and the Affinidi Trust Network enable developers to create privacy-preserving applications and empower consumers to control and manage their data.

Get Started

Set up your Affinidi Vault and developer tools to get started.

Affinidi Vault

Affinidi Vault enables you to discover, collect, store, share, and monetise your data in a fragmented world. By leveraging decentralised technologies, Affinidi Vault empowers greater control, follows privacy-by-design principles, and prioritises user-centricity at its core.

Affinidi Login

Affinidi Login enhances security, privacy, and ensures compatibility with industry standards while simplifying authentication processes. With Affinidi Login, you can create a secure, user-friendly login experience by using OID4VP (Open ID for Verifiable Presentations).

Use Cases

Discover some of the use cases for Affinidi Login that you can implement into your application.