Manage Your Project and Plan

Learn more about how to manage your project, plan, and usage in Affinidi Portal.

Affinidi Portal allows you to manage your plan to access Affinidi services. Using the Project dashboard it provides information about your usage, including the number of monthly active users and Affinidi Credits associated with your plan.

You can learn more about our pricing in our Affinidi Pricing page.

Understanding Your Project Service Usage

Viewing your Project Dashboard by clicking the project in the Projects section of the sidebar provides an overview of your current project, including usage metrics and plan details.

Project Details

Project Details section provides an overview of the current Project, including Project Name, Project ID, and Description.

Project Details

Service Usage

Service Usage section provides you with the current information about your plan and the number of active users for your project. It also includes information about the current limit and credit balance, enabling you to call our APIs.

Credit Balance is a fair play mechanism for developers who use our services and call our APIs. Each plan is associated with a predefined number of credits consumed on each API operation.

Service Usage

Upgrading Your Project Plan

All new users who register and log in to the Affinidi Portal start with Essential Plan. This Free Tier plan provides developers with minimum predefined numbers of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and Affinidi Credits to try and experience our products.

To upgrade your plan to the next Tier, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Go to the project you wish to upgrade by clicking the project name in the sidebar menu of Affinidi Portal.

  2. Scroll to the Service Usage section and click on View all plans link.

  3. Once you click the link, a popup will show all available plans, including your current one.

Select plan to upgrade

Currently, only Free Tier plans are available for upgrade for all developers. You can learn more about our available plans on our Affinidi Pricing page.

  1. Click on the next plan available for your project and click on Continue.

  2. After completing the upgrade by filling out the form on the next step, your current plan is upgraded automatically, and your plan is updated with a new credit balance and additional monthly active users.

Upgraded plan