Affinidi Portal

Manage your projects and integrations using Affinidi Portal.

Affinidi Portal is an interactive interface enabling developers to manage resources like Projects and Login Configurations to integrate Affinidi Login into their application. Developers can view the billing and analytics, including tracking the usage of the services.

Working with Affinidi Portal

Affinidi Portal allows you to manage different resources related to your project and integration. Here are the things you can do in the Affinidi Portal:

Account Info

User Principal ID is the unique identifier of the developer in the Affinidi Trust Network. All resources created are related to this value. The Principal ID is also used in the IAM service to grant other developers access to their resources.

In this guide, you can learn more about giving other developers access to your resources using Principal ID.

User DID (Decentralised Identity) is the unique identifier generated upon successfully registering the Affinidi Vault account. Use this value to add users to the User Groups.


Displays the overview of your account including number of Projects, Service Health and helpful links.

Manage Project

All resources created within the Affinidi Portal are associated with the Project including the Login Configuration, Service Usage, and Subscription Plan. You can create multiple projects under your account to organise your resources and switch between them.

Project Dashboard

Displays the Project details, including the service usage of the project and in the Project Dashboard, you will be able to see the following information:

  • Number of Login Configurations created.
  • Current subscription plan including the Affinidi Credits Balance details.
  • Next billing date if you are on a paid subscription plan.
  • Monthly Active Users - unique user count who logged in to your application where you configured the Login Configuration.
Project Dashboard

Learn more about Managing your project and upgrading your current plan in this documentation.

Get started with your first project

When you login to the Affinidi Portal for the first time, it automatically creates a Default Project for you to start integrating Affinidi Login into your application. You can use the default project to create the Login Configuration and other resources needed to incorporate Affinidi Login. To do this:

Create a new project

Before you can create a Login Configuration or other related resources, you must first have an active project on your account.

Create new project

In this section, learn how to create a new project and switch between projects related to your account:

  1. At the top right side of the Affinidi Portal, click on the Project switcher.

  2. Click on Create New Project, and a popup appears.

  3. Provide the name of the project and click on Submit.

  4. Once created, it automatically switches your newly created project to active.

Use the same dropdown menu to switch between projects and set it to active. All the created resources, like Login Configuration, is associated with the active project during this time.

Manage Your Project and Plan

Learn more about how to manage your project, plan, and usage in Affinidi Portal.

Manage Affinidi Login

Manage your Login Configuration, and user groups using Affinidi Portal.

Customise Login using PEX Editor

Learn how to create and modify your Presentation Definition and ID Token Mapping for Affinidi Login using PEX Editor.